Social Media Assessment + Analytical Review

Get to know your audience and what makes them tick! We take a deep dive into your existing social media communities and provide clarity into WHO your audience is and HOW to capture their attention. We also assess your profiles and provide actionable enhancements for each platform so you can put your best foot forward.


Analytical review of existing social media communities (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), and detailed PDF report providing insights on existing audiences by channel, including demographics and primary interests.


Brand Positioning + Digital Strategy

Strategy is INCREDIBLY important! We provide you with a killer strategy that’s in line with your vision and brand identity, so you'll have a strong foundation and road map for success. Not sure how to position your brand? We’re here to help with that too!


Fully-customized brand positioning + digital strategy tailored to your brand’s identity, product categories, and audience findings from “Social Media Assessment + Analytical Review”. Strategy includes sample social media posts, branded picture quote template, a launch plan, tangible goals for the year + more. 


Social Media Profile Set-Up

We’ll set up your social media profiles from beginning to end—including choosing and securing your usernames.


New social media profiles that are on-brand, properly set up and optimized. Includes imagery direction, copywriting and “settings” enhancements.

Social Media Profile Revamp

Already have your social media communities but need a revamp? We’ll make them more branded, strategic and engaging for your target audience.


Fresh, re-branded social media communities that are properly set up and optimized. Includes imagery direction, copywriting and “settings” enhancements.


Social Media Advertising

Target your audience with contextual creative that will grab their attention and get you results.


Our approach for social media advertising is full-service and includes everything from strategy & ideation, platform direction, development of creative & ad copy, on-going optimization of your ads, & of course, reporting. 


Photography & Content Creation

We conceptualize, capture, and create fresh, on-brand social media photos and videos that’ll engage your audience and support your initiatives.


Ready-to-post photos and micro videos for your social media communities as well as copy direction. Includes conceptualization, photography and editing.


Full-Service Influencer Relations

We connect you with the right influencers and manage your influencer relations, including initial outreach, influencer seeding, package conceptualization, collaboration and partnerships, ongoing communication + more. 


Hands-on, full-service influencer relations. Includes development of influencer groups and ongoing relationship management.

Influencer Contact List

Whether you’re trying influencer marketing for the first time or just looking to grow your list, we’ll put together an influencer list that’s specific to your business and objectives.


An influencer contact list that’s tailored to your business, based on requested criteria and target platforms. List will include influencer name, category, URLs, contact information, and other relevant information.


Brand Partnerships

It's not enough to post to social. To create a strong network and community, we recommend working with both influencers AND BRANDS. We'll link you up with complimentary brands that work with your target audience, and we'll create and execute authentic campaigns that'll excite your existing audience and grow your audience. Win-win, right? 


Strategic brand partnerships and authentic, results-oriented campaigns. 


Campaign Development + Management 

Launching a new product line? Expanding to new markets? Doing a re-brand? We’ll create and execute an innovative campaign that’ll capture the results you’re after.


An in-depth, fresh campaign including implementation and evaluation based on campaign goals.


Logo Design

A great logo should communicate your brand ethos and be simple, memorable, and timeless. Whether you’re creating a logo for the first time or evolving your existing logo, we’ll work with you to create a logo that’s fully in-line with your brand identity and vision.


Custom logo design.


Website Launch

You’re launching a new company and you need a website that’s as awesome as your brand – a website that’s mobile optimized, effective, polished, on-brand and provides a stellar customer experience. We’ve got you covered from beginning to end!  


A custom, mobile optimized website that’s in-line with your brand identity. Includes design, copywriting, web development and implementation.

Website Re-launch

You already have a website but it’s time to rebrand and redesign it. We’ll use our skills in design, copywriting, web development and more to create a mobile optimized website that’s more effective and on-brand.


A fully re-designed mobile optimized website that’s in-line with your brand identity. Includes design, copywriting, web development and implementation.


Email Newsletter Template 

Email is STILL one of the most effective marketing tools. Make your email newsletters more on-brand, engaging, and functional. We'll create a branded template for your brand within MailChimp or your preferred email marketing service, making it easier for you to create and send the perfect newsletter every time. 


Branded email newsletter template.


Social Media Training

Learn the skills and best practices to create an impactful social media presence. Training is fully customized to your needs. Popular topics include “how to create engaging content”, “how to use Facebook Advertising to drive sales”, and “how to do social media reporting.”


One-on-one, hands-on social media training and a detailed social media white paper tailored for your business, which you can refer back to or use for future training as you grow your team.

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